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Your Plate Number is now your texting address

No personal info is published, register your vehicle now and put one of our stickers on it!

Why did we creat Platenger?

Because we believe that with a free messaging app and with just a $0.99 sticker in our car or bike, we can make a big difference

Now with Platenger we all can take concrete actions that effectively reduce risk in traffic, avoid damages, traffic fees, problems with our neighbors, you name it.

Amazing Features

Sometimes you need to say something to a vehicle’s driver. Sometimes you would be grateful if someone would have let you know that something was wrong about your vehicle or, that your vehicle was at risk for some reason.

Platenger is a free anonymous messaging app used by vehicle drivers to get in touch. It may also be used by non-vehicle owners as well.


No personal info is required to register your license plate, so it is not possible for others to know that you drive or own your vehicle.


Platenger is Free, that's it. Optionally, you can purchase a Premium plan and enjoy some exlusive features.

Security and Privacy

Industy-standard end-to-end encryption is used to transport, storage and delivery of your messages. Not to mention Platenger's awesome message blocking system.

Register your vehicle

You can register for free and be ready to receive messges for your vehicle from the community.

Search for plates

If you have something to say to a driver, search it's license plate and send him/her a message.

Send Emergency Messages

If you see a vehicle in an emergency or risk situation, you can send it an emergency message. It will be received by it's driver and also by it's driver's emergency contacts.

Panic Button

If you are in an emergency situation, you could press Platenger’s panic button and a message will be sent to you emergency contacts stating that you pressed the panic button and including your current location.


Platenger DOES NOT check license plate numbers with any state or federal records, we have no link with DMV’s or any other governmental agency.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency contacts are sort of ‘friends’ in Platenger. You can be emergency contacts with other registered vehicles or users (non-vehicle owners).

How Does Platenger work?

Platenger is just a messaging app, but you find users by their license plate instead of their phone or email.

Register your Vehicle in Platenger

Put a Platenger Sticker on it

The community see your sticker and text you


Search someone else's Plate

Check Vehicle Profile

Send Message

If not registered, put a Message Notice Sticker on it

Why do I need Platenger?

Have you ever found yourself in any of the following situations?

 Some neighbor’s car alarm is sounding, and you don’t know how to contact him or her.

 Someone parked (‘just for a minute, I promise!’) on your way out and is blocking your exit. You really don’t want to call the tow truck.

 Someone parked with its lights on, or maybe has a light off.

 You accidentally bumped a parked car and you need to contact its owner.

 You found a wallet/purse and it has no contact info. But it has a driver’s license, so you’ll be able to find the driver in Platenger, great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Check this out!

Vehicle drivers register their plate numbers and this plate number is then published in Platenger so other users can find it and send a message to that vehicle driver. To register a plate it must not have been taken by another user in that State.
No. Personal info is not published along with vehicle profiles. You can send a message to the driver, but you cannot know who (s)he is or contact him/her outside Platenger. Unless of course, (s)he responds you mentioning another way to contact him/her.
Yes! You are very welcome! You can register in Platenger with a screen name (not taken by another user) and that's it. You can chat with drivers or other users like yourself. In addition to that, a vehicle driver can ask you to be his emergency contact.
Yes you can. Simply search for the State & Plate and that's it. Select it from the search results list and start a chat. We will save an encrypted version of your message until the vehicle is claimed and the pending messages received.
It's a vehicle registered by someone that needed to message it before its driver registered this vehicle in Platenger. Messages received for an orphan vehicle are saved in Platenger until its driver 'adopts' it and so, receive all pending messages.
Yes. Platenger has an awesome message filtering system. You can use a red list (like any other blocking system, you will no longer receive any message from that user) or a yellow list (you will only receive fixed text messages or location messages from that user).
It is like a 'friend' that your vehicle can have in Platenger. If someone sends an emergency message to your vehicle, this message is received by you and all your emergency contacts.
When you press the panic button, a standard emergency message is sent to your emergency contacts. This standard emergency message contains a short phrase stating that the panic button was pressed and a location message with your current location. Your emergency contacts can try to contact you, approach to where you are or call an emergency service to assist you. If you register your vehicle, have at least one emergency contact and have location permission enabled for Platenger so you can use the panic button.
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Download Platenger for your platform

Now that you know what is this all about go ahead, install Platenger and be a part of this community.